Harwood Baseball Factory

Still in its original location at 12 Walnut St., the Harwood Baseball Factory opened in 1858 and closed in 1988, Harwood & Sons Baseball Factory became the first ever baseball factory in the world.  The baseball made there was designed by John W. Walcott and was produced by Harrison Harwood.  The balls were originally made with horse hide but cow hide was later used.
This factory was built in 1858 and founded by Harrison Harwood Sr. in Natick, MA.  This factory was the first baseball factory in the world, they mass produced the figure-eight design.  The balls designed at this factory have been the standard balls used in the MLB to this day.  It closed in 1988 and was converted into condominiums.
In 2017 through the Natick Center Cultural District's Public Art Committee an Electrical Box was commissioned and painted by Neil Collins that celebrates the baseball history that took place in Natick Center. It is located in the parking lot at 12 Walnut St.