Root to Core

12 Pond St, Natick, MA 01760, USA

Root to Core offers therapeutic bodywork, movement therapy and education. Learn how to bring yourself out of painful episodes from injuries, improve poor posture, change unhealthy movement habits leading to discomfort and pain, or just to keep yourself somatically aware (body/mind connection) to keep yourself fit and moving well for your whole life. Classes and Individual Sessions are available in Core Movement Integration (CMI).

A little about me.... My name is Phil Buchanan, I'm the owner of Root to Core. I've been a Bodyworker and Licensed Massage Therapist located in the Greater Boston Area since 2006. My specialties include Deep Tissue Therapy, Clinical Massage Therapy, Relaxation Massage and Core Movement Integration. I am a graduate from the Massage Institute of New England, state licensed and AMTA insured. Through out my practice I've helped people to better manage their pain, postural issues and injuries through treatment, education and a solid referral network. My belief is that a dynamic lifestyle full of varied movements, mental stimulation, secure emotional support and a healthy diet will keep us enjoying life for a very long time.

About my work.... CMI is a mindful exercise system that provides a body map of the energy vectors through which force travels as we move. The system is comprised six movement pathways, each set in the planes of movement we move through in our three dimensional world. Students engage with their bodies learning how to organize their movements connecting from feet to legs through their pelvis, core and center of gravity in their lower abdomen, up the spine through the shoulders, arms, neck and head.  These slow, small mindful movements sequentially executed from body part to body part allows the brain to absorb and assimilate this somatic information. Neurons fire and wire enforcing more efficient movement patterns at a neurological level.

Individual sessions offer an opportunity for you to dive into your personal physical conditions with the practitioner on a deeper level. This is more of a treatment setting and can be done at my office, or in the comfort of your home. During this time we can address any injuries, postural issues, movement habits you may have. We will assess your movement and find where you need to adjust.

Hands-on assistance from the practitioner will also be offered to help you through movement restrictions. Soft tissue release may used if need be in the form of Myofascial Release, Postural Release and Massage Therapy. Functional exercises may also be used.

Classes are offered at GravOxy Fitness 17 South Ave, Natick, MA.
Individual Sessions are offered at 12 Pond Street, Natick, MA.