Mosaic Art Institute of Natick

97 Woodland Street, Natick, MA 01760, USA

MAION partners with individuals, non-profit organizations, schools, businesses and town or city managers to create mosaic projects that bring forth the shared values of respect, understanding and pride of environment. Working with local volunteers, Mosaic Art Institute of Natick uses mosaic and stained glass projects to add beauty and interest to public areas, build strong community identity, and foster shared values of respect and understanding.

Each project is priced individually which enables sponsoring organizations to best meet their objectives. As a result of these projects, local businesses, participants and visitors enjoy a renewed sense of pride and investment in their communities.

In addition to community art projects, MAION offers classes for all ages out of our studio space in Natick, MA.  MAION also provides in-classroom education throughout the greater Boston area. Please contact us for more information.

MAION was founded by Artist Director Carol Krentzman in 2009.