Hunnewell Town Forest

440 Worcester Street, Natick, MA 01760, USA

The Natick Town Forest is located in Natick, Massachusetts bordered by Worcester St. (Rt. 9) to the north and between Bacon St. to the south, Oak St. to the east, and Walnut St. to the west. Entrances to the forest are on Oak St. (parking available), Worcester Rd. (no parking available), and Bacon St (parking nearby). It is bordered by private land on three sides, please respect private property.

The entrance from Oak Street is 200 feet lower than the 322 feet height of Pleasant Hill, where the large Natick water tank is located. The varied topography of the Forest supports a wide variety of plant and animal communities. Here you will find evergreen-covered slopes, mixed hardwood forest, a small stream, a marsh and a small pond. This fact, plus the steep northeast slope of Pleasant Hill, has created an environment that encourages a wide variety of wildlife and plants - from waterfowl (ducks, geese, swans) in the pond to forest-loving birds in the tall trees on the hillside and the occasional red tail hawk soaring above the hill; otters and muskrats along the water to squirrels in the forest; and cattails and red (swamp) maples along the wetlands to mature white pine and eastern hemlock on the slopes.