H. Brandt Jewelers

31 Main Street, Natick, MA 01760, USA

The original H. Brandt Jewelers was begun in 1806 in Germany. It was successfully carried through four generations until 1937. Unfortunately, the family tradition was dormant until 1989 when Stewart Brandt caught the jewelery "bug" and reopened an H. Brandt Jewelers. Stewart credits the support from his friends, family,and most of all his wife, Gretchen, as the driving force behind bringing the family tradition back.

H. Brandt Jewelers is a full service, neighborhood jewelry store. We specialize in unique designer products, Masonic jewelry, and plain old fashioned service. We strive to offer the right products to satisfy our customers...

Stewart Brandt and his family pride themselves on their commitment to finer quality, unique jewelry. But most of all they love that, "where else can you make so many people happy but in a jewelry store? People buy jewelry for happy occasions."