Comella's Restaurant

45 Main Street, Natick, MA 01760, USA

All of Comella's foods are served with our homemade Marinara Sauce, with Mozzarella and Romano cheese on top. You may substitute with our other homemade sauces that include Meat, Pesto, Sun Dried Tomato, Alfredo, Oil Butter and Garlic, and Butter. You may also get any of your foods without cheese or cheese on the side at your request.

You can get any of Comella's menu selections in four sizes. A Single for one person, a 1/2 Bucket serves 3-4 people for the price of 3, a full Bucket serves 6-8 people for the price of 5, and a Double Bucket serves 20-25.

Our Family Messes are a mystery recipe. Sometimes it has lasagna, pasta, eggplant or shells. The Mess has a non-meat base and you can add to it. We reserve the right to add or subtract ingredients to keep the recipe a mystery!