Cece Ann Photography

5 Summer St, Suite 4, Natick, MA 01760, USA

Hi, I'm Katie. I'm Brady and Cece's mama. I'm a corporate and advertising photographer who also photographs families. Being both a family photographer and a commercial photographer confused the corporate world so I created a new website to showcase my family portraits. How did I get here? Six months after the birth of my 2nd child, Miss Cece, I was laid off from my in-house corporate photography job. When looking at my job options it seemed working full time with two kids wasn't ideal for our lives. I freelance now, still doing corporate and advertising work, but for myself. Who am I kidding, my studio manager, Rosemary, is my current boss, and she rocks.

I sometimes feel like I have a split personality. Corporate photographer, Katie Ring, often has to bid jobs and rearrange childcare schedules as though she has no family commitments to get in the way of her availability to work. However, Cece and Brady's mama, Katie, who photographs families, gets to talk about her kids all the time and connect with the families she photographs by making silly faces and talking about the best cartoon shows.

As a mom with two kids, I LIKE kids, and family portrait work keeps finding me. Thus, Cece Ann Photography was born from the desire to spend quality time with my children and to show them that moms can work AND be home; you can define yourself as more than one thing. When you don't fit into the box you're given, you don't make yourself smaller. You set the parameters and build your own container. I take inspiration from my children. Cecilia is "spirited" and tenacious; she doesn't take crap from anyone, knows what she wants, and goes for it. Brady is a kind soul, an observer, and always tuned into the feelings of those around him. He cares deeply about his friends and thinks the most important this is not being a bully. I believe that our world needs more brave women and empathetic men. It a great joy and responsibility, together with my husband, to raise children with these qualities and to help them keep their traits in balance within themselves and as they relate to each other.

So, it's still me, Katie, but here is my website dedicated entirely to photography of sweet families. I can't wait to help capture precious memories for your family too!

Call: 508.319.1822. Email: Katie, hello@katiering.com & Rosemary, Rosemary@katiering.com. Looking for my corporate photography website? Visit katiering.com