2nd Round of the CDBG-CV Microenterprise Grant – OPEN!

Round 2 of the CDBG-CV Microenterprise Grants are now open! You may be wondering how it differs from the 1st round? You may now include your 2020 projected total household income to determine LMI and not just 2019.

1) Your business MUST employ FIVE or fewer people, including all owners. Part time and full time staff count the same.

2 ) You must be able to prove that your business lost revenue due to the COVID-19 pandemic.

3) You must be able to prove, through paychecks, bank statements, etc. that your 2020 household income from all sources was LESS THAN:$67,400 if you live alone, $77,000 if you live with another person, $86,650 if you live with two others, $96,750 if you live with three others, $103,950  if you live with four others, $111,650 if you live with five other people,$119,350 if you live with six others,$127,050 if you live with seven or more people.

4) The application is open until October 23rd. at 5:00 pm. Applications only accepted online at this link, Microenterprise Assistance Application and here is the FAQ link. Contact Ted Fields at [email protected] with any questions.