Natick Student Short Film Festival

Arlington International Film Festival is helping Natick launch its own Film festival which will be officially launched in 2020. In preparation for this, AIFF is hosting a pilot screening featuring student short films.

The screening will take place on Saturday – October 5th at Natick High School from 4pm-6pm followed by a panel discussion with two of the student film makers. The line up of movies touch upon a myriad of topics and themes from undocumented people in the US to the refugee crisis to our generation’s over consumption of social media as well as documentary about Massachusetts’ first dragon boat team for cancer survivors.

This event is sponsored by Kensington Investment Company the MetroWest Visitors Bureau and is made possible by a partnership with the Natick Center Cultural District, the Town of Natick and the Arlington International Film Festival.

See Below for full description of films:

Trejur – director, Thomas King | Animation | 10 min | Concord High school | MA | 2018 |

Awards: AIFF Best Short Animation | Seattle International Film Festival Best Animation

Synopsis: A modern woman remembers her wretched, toy-giving grandmother in this dark, fantasy and animated short film.

Needles & Threads – director (s), Alyssa Abreu, Moises Vargas, and Anisa Hamilton | Doc | 9:38 min | Mayles Documentary Center | New York 

Synopsis: The despairing effect of one woman’s addiction on two families

Undocumentary – director, Karla Cortes | Doc | 11 min | SCATV YOUTH PROGRAM | Somerville MA | AIFF MICROSOFT Award

Synopsis: A discussion on endangered DACA and TPS programs and how the lives of many undocumented people now hang in the balance. 

The New Life: Ivette Alvarado – director (s) Hediyed Khodaei and Intranic Youssed | Doc | 4:16 min | Reel Youth Canada | Vancouver, Canada

Synopsis: Having fled the civil war in El Salvador, Ivette reflects on Canada’s role in the refugee crisis and her philosophy on a good life

Ebi Sushi – director, Karla Cortes | Doc | 6 min | SCATV YOUTH PROGRAM |Somerville MA | Awards: AIFF MICROSOFT Award 

Synopsis: A Latino restaurateur’s challenges of being recognized as a major player in the sushi world. 

AwardsA-Town Teen Video Contest, Arlington MA

Violence in Baltimore: A community in Chaos – director (s) Brooke Anderson, William Coles, Katia Crawford, Marc Cruise, Jayla Elliott, Joelle Faison, Kailah Hall, Michelle Hill, Eric Hunter, William Mitchell, Sama Muhammad, Ade Ogunshina, Eva Ojekwe, Brian Thompson, Ayanna White | Baltimore MD | Doc | 21 min | Wide Angle Youth Media | BOSTON PREMIERE|  Awards2018 AIFF Best Of Festival

Synopsis: In Spring 2017, high school students investigated the cycle of violence in Baltimore, searching for real-world strategies to prevent violence from escalating among their peers and their communities. This powerful documentary provides insight into the ways young people are challenging dominant narratives and seeking peaceful, de-escalating methods of conflict resolution.

Art Collector – director, Saoirse Loftus-Reid | Narrative | 4:55 min | Lexington High school | MA 

Synopsis: A mysterious woman uses her ability to live in paintings to influence artist for her art collection

Awards: NATAS – Boston New England Chapter, Student Production Award – The Scholastic Arts and Writing Awards, Lexington MA – MA Regional Silver Key Award – A-Town Teen Video Contest, Arlington MA

The Story of Glenda King – director (s)  Parissa Naeem, Vanesa Eap, Sara Zaidi and Raquel Solomon | Doc | 5:24 min | Reel Youth Canada | Vancouver, Canada 

Synopsis: Glenda lived in her car for years and has since moved into a cold, dark basement apartment in Brampton, Ontario. She is a regular at Regeneration Outreach Community, where she gives back by teaching knitting. She is also a self-proclaimed SOB and has some strong words for Justin Trudeau.

This film was made in the Youth and Homeless Film Project, a unique filmmaking workshop that brought together youth and homeless seniors, in a creative collaboration to produce short films that feature the untold stories of seniors who are homeless or living in poverty.

iRony – director, Radheya Jegatheva | Doc/Animation | 8 min | Australia |

Synopsis: The message of this video isn’t to say technology and social media is evil and we should go back to the stone age. It’s about humanity and our relationship with it. This film was created on a laptop. the soundtrack is completely digital, and the producer uses social media and technology – this all goes to the name of the film, iRony. His goal with the film was to hopefully cause discussion or at least contemplation about these issues in a creative way and to make people reconsider the overconsumption of social media or the ways in which it can be harmful.

Awaken the Dragon Together – director, Shuyi Wang | Doc | 5:29 min | Hua Plus TV | Asian Cultural Center | Cambridge MA |

Synopsis: a short-format documentary about Massachusetts’ first dragon boat team for cancer survivors, featured and screened as a finalist of HUA International Short Film festival at Los Angeles, London and Tokyo in 2017.