“Next Stop Natick” Mural, Commuter Rail Station

This mural, directed by artist David Fichter and painted by students from Natick and Framingham in 1999, shows the town’s history and character. The center shows the town’s origins as a Praying Indian community; other “bubbles” show the town’s role as a major manufacturing center, from shoes to baseballs; and activities around downtown, from the Boston Marathon to Casey’s Diner.
On the left, some of Natick’s more notable characters take a ride on the train. Sitting in front – Harriet Beecher Stowe and Henry Wilson. Other passengers include John Eliot, Tilly Ciccarelli (of Tilly and Salvy’s fame) and Doug Flutie.

Train Mural

The photo below shows the train station before it was submerged.