“As Trees Give Life to Their Branches” mosaic exhibit, Court Street

From 2012-13, Natick artist Carol Krentzman, through her Mosaic Art Institute of Natick, oversaw the creation, production and installation of a series of mosaics depicting children enjoying fun through the seasons.
Anchoring this exhibit is “As Trees Give Life to Their Branches.” At the center of the tree is a series of feet, from one foot to six feet. This is more than a design; it’s so that children can measure their growth.
The birds, leaves and other creatures in the exhibit were produced by the Advanced Ceramics class at Natick High School. Take a close look at the leaves, and you’ll find names imprinted. These represent the adults, children and businesses who helped make the exhibit possible.

Mosaics Pt. 1
Mosaics Pt. 2