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First, what is DOOS P. K.? DOOS P. K. is a wholesome blend of high-energy boosting and immune system enhancing produce of fresh fruits, vegetables and herbs created to be a nutritious & exciting spread used for all meals & diets. All natural ingredients that are “The Caviar Of Vegan Treats”. Vegan certified with the American Vegetarian Association as multi-purpose nourishment freshly packaged nutritious products that are "ready-to-be-eaten "Sweet-Hot" Pink Dips for Foods & Drinks. 

Its distinctive flavor profile equalizes a sweet & spicy sensory experience that is unforgettable, a pleasurable addictive taste. A healthy deliciousness made to eat fresh as a dip, hors d'oeuvre, or use in appetizers/desserts/dressings blend to make a host of dips. A bite size scoop evokes a flavoring to sauerkraut, kimchi, cole-slaw & horseradish all in one savory taste. In addition, DOOS P.K's robust flavor enhancer compliments as a “seasoning in all cooking techniques” or stimulate enriched spicy flavor to nouveau energy cocktail drinks, distinctively like the one called “FRESHhhh”. 

Mother Nature’s treats, the un-forbidden fruit distinctive flavor enhancing deliciousness are for all palates and for all occasion. It is preservative and GLUTEN FREE with NO ADDED SUGARS and hydrogenated fats; a beneficial source of antioxidants, including Beta Carotene and Vitamins A, C and K. 

A footnote: DOOS P. K.’s brand name is a phonetic French dialect translated as “Sweet Hot”, alongside its iconic image exhibiting an eye-candy design worth a thousand words. More than just a sweet-hot sauce of universal use and endless potential for world to taste with foods and drinks, starting here in historical New England.