New Book from Natick Historical Society

January 01, 2016
Have You Ever Wondered...? 
Natick Explained
A Handbook for the Curious:  
Natick Past and Present
Written by 9 Natick Historical Society member-writers  
Graphic design by Temma Eventov, Natick High School intern 
Published by Natick Historical Society
Softcover book, 75 pages with full-color illustrations
People and places, sights and sounds of Natick--this new full-color publication is a handbook to your town.  Eighteen illustrated stories connect us to the history all around us.
Topics like the reason for the Post Office Mural, how we became "Home of Champions," and what happened in Henry Wilson's Workshop are presented in concise and engaging articles.  A long term Natickite said, "I found out something I did not know in every article."
Available in many locations around Natick...or
Visit or send your check for $15.00 plus $2.00 shipping to:
Natick Historical Society
Bacon Free Library Building, lower level
58 Eliot Street
Natick, MA 01504