Natick's Lost History - Presentation Series

January 10, 2015

Join the community to trace the life and times of Natick from its earliest days as an Indian camping place, through the Early Colonial Period and into the modern era. The five-part series will take place at the Morse Institute Library and will be presented by local writer and commentator Peter Golden and guest speakers, including George Sawin, Dennis Cerotti, and the Morse Institute's own Cary Holmes.

"For the series I have drawn on the work of scores of academics, many of whom have made unique (and exhaustively researched) contributions to the literature relating to Natick's past.  A reference bibliography along with a selection of my own writings about the town will be available to all who attend the series.  Special thanks must go to Linda Stetson, director of the Morse Institute, whose shared interest in Native American culture and local history helped make the series possible. Thanks also to David Bartos of the institute's reference department, who has worked hard on the production aspects of the series. "The more I learn, the less I know" is an apt way of describing my continuing discovery of the transformative events that collectively went into creating the community we are so fortunate live in and share today," said Peter Golden.

The schedule follows:

January 8th, 7 PM: Prelude and First Encounters - We'll be discussing Natick before the arrival of the first colonists, John Eliot's promise to the Praying Indians and the cultural differences that existed between the two groups. We'll also learn about the significance of John Speen.

January 15th, 7 PM: The Deer Island Marooning - Learn about the Praying Indians as they defended the English colony. We'll discuss their adversaries, and how justice figured in the conflict with King Philip and his warriors. We'll also focus on the Natick community during and after the war.

January 29th, 7 PM: Natick after the war and into the 18th century - We'll discuss what happened to the Praying Indians following King Philip's War and discuss the roles played by Thomas Sawin, Thomas Waban the Younger and the Reverend Stephen Badger.

February 5th, 7 PM: The Railroad Comes to Natick - Witness the development of the modern town in the 19th century. We'll talk about Henry Wilson, Lydia Maria Child, Natick's role in the Civil War with the Glory Regiment, the Great Fire and recovery, our town's Gilded Age, and more.

February 12th, 7 PM: The modern town emerges - Natick develops through the 20th century from "Little Hell," Prohibition and World War II, through the era of commerce and technology, and the development of Town Meeting and the new community.