Maggie Webster Runs the Marathon for the Natick Center Cultural District

December 15, 2017

The Natick Center Cultural District is thrilled to announce that Maggie Webster will be running the Boston Marathon in 2018 for the cultural district! (Donate HERE!) 

Maggie is a Natick native but here's more about Maggie in her own words..

“Hi, I’m Maggie Webster! I am so excited and honored to be running as the Natick Center Cultural District’s first charity runner EVER! I feel lucky to have grown up in Natick, with my sister and parents who were both born and raised in “The Home of Champions" themselves. The Natick Center Cultural District is working hard to continue to help Natick grow and welcome new families and businesses into our diverse, supportive, creative, and caring community.

This will be my second Boston Marathon and 7th marathon total, and I am looking forward to taking on all of the challenges that Boston presents, while supporting such a wonderful organization! Thank you so much for your support….let’s do this!!“

We hope you'll consider donating at: