Baldwin Hill hosts Cuba Photo Exhibit

April 18, 2015
On April 18, Baldwin Hill Art & Framing hosted an artist's reception for local photographer Conrad Gees, and her photography exhibition documenting a recent trip to Havana titled "Conrad Gees: Havana On The Cusp."
The exhibit runs through May 5, 2015.
Havana today is a city in transition: after decades of pure communist rule, small seedlings of private enterprise are starting to blossom.  Parts of the city, crumbling for years, are very slowly starting to be rebuilt.  The promise of normal relations with the United States foreshadows bigger changes to come.
Throughout all this, the people of Havana have to live their daily lives while navigating the shifting landscape of society.  Conrad's photos tell the story of this transition in vivid detail. 
Baldwin Hill Art & Framing
8 Court Street
Natick, MA 01760