October 21
8:00 pm
Delbridge Family Center for the Arts
Prometheus Dance

Prometheus Dance and the ParkeHarrisons merge ideas examining behavioral, cultural and historical influences in an evening length piece. Project I.I.I. contains the essence of crowd psychology, attachment, the exchange of power, elements of surprise, curiosity, bravery, and addiction.   Like a Beckett play, Project I.I.I. is a combination of macabre, minimalist, absurd and existential events that form a social commentary. Arvanites and Neblett create work with a focus on bringing forward a thread of human experience to examine it through movement. The ParkeHarrisons combine elaborate sets within landscapes to address issues surrounding man’s relationship to the earth and technology while additionally delving into the human condition. Their individual and combined work taps into the collective conscious mind through visceral visual image. The work itself is entertaining, engaging, and thought provoking.

Delbridge Family Center for the Arts, Walnut Hill School, 12 Highland St. Natick MA   Tickets $25 $20 BDA/Students/Seniors - Limited seating    
Walnut Hill Box Office: on sale Oct 1