Kim Russo: The Happy Medium

March 31
9:00 pm

Kim Russo, also known as "Kim The Happy Medium," has been able to see the world of spirit since the young age of nine. Growing up, Kim often saw random spirits in her bedroom and sometimes felt their presence walking home with her from school. Not knowing what they wanted, they scared her then. Now she is comforted by their presence, speaking to them more than she speaks to the living on some days.

Kim is the host of the popular TV Show, "The Haunting Of..." currently airing on A&E's Lifetime Movie Network Channel. This weekly, one-hour series is a follow-up show to the long running series "Celebrity Ghost Stories".  Kim has helped famous celebrities such as TV Legend Regis Philbin, Chazz Palminteri from "The Bronx Tale", Giancarlo Esposito from "Breaking Bad", Singer Kim Carnes, Actress Gina Gershon -- just to name a few.

Kim has also appeared on A&E's hit show, Paranormal State, as well as on a few episodes of the hit TV show "Psychic Kids". Kim has been written about in many New York newspapers, she has done several local radio shows and has been featured in Nick Bunick's Book "Transitions of the Soul".

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