Glass Wall 2018 Master Class with Zoe Scofield

January 04
10:00 am
Walnut Hill School for the Arts
Prometheus Dance

2015 Guggenheim Fellow Zoe Scofield is a dance and visual artist based in Seattle Washington since 2002. In 2005 Zoe began working with video and visual artist Juniper Shuey on video, photographic and dance collaborations. Recipient of several major grants and awards we are most grateful that she is sharing her artistry with us. For more information about Zoe visit:

Zoe’s classes utilize a somatic approach to technique. Classes are physically rigorous, deep, and kinesthetically challenging; a space where product orientated results takes rest and active experience reigns. We combine musicality, visual and physical metaphors in both improvisation and structured forms as a vehicle to surprise and further each dancer’s potential. It is my desire to help participants foster a body that is available, aware and in command of its senses, intuition and physicality.